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Production Technology Engineer (Tokyo, Japan)

Production Technology Engineer (FA・Line Design)

Basic Information Job Description You will mainly be responsible for preparing equipment for the establishment of a battery factory (Power Base) and overseas factory setup, as well as designing production lines and automation tasks in the factory.

  • Planning and drafting of factory automation (including process planning, production technology verification and experimentation, collaboration with IT engineers) and creation of production equipment specifications

  • Improvement tasks for the setup and stable operation of automation equipment

  • Consideration of automation concepts using industrial robots (teaching, programming, setup of robots)

  • Factory layout consideration using CAD (2D or 3D)

  • Collaboration with equipment manufacturers, partner companies, and manufacturing staff for the above tasks

  • Factory introduction and startup tasks for production equipment Required Skills [Experience]

  • Experience in planning, specification consideration, and startup of factory automation

  • Knowledge and operational experience with automation equipment

  • Experience with PLC control

  • Experience in robot teaching or programming

[Skills and Abilities]

  • Logical thinking ability

  • Planning and milestone management skills

  • Problem-solving ability (ability to form issues)

  • Japanese language proficiency (advanced level or above) Desired Skills

  • Management experience in equipment introduction, maintenance, and preservation (project management)

  • Experience in the battery industry is desirable

  • Knowledge and experience of Lean or Toyota Production System are desirable

  • Knowledge and experience in quality management are desirable

  • Experience working with general contractors in battery production plant construction is welcome Desired Traits

  • Willingness to take on new challenges and tackle difficult tasks with a positive attitude

  • Skilled in coordinating both internally and externally

  • Enjoys changing situations and can adapt flexibly to change

  • Proactive in identifying issues and taking action

  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal)

Employment Type Full-time employee Work System ● Working Hours

  • Monthly standard working hours: 8 hours * number of designated working days

  • Flextime system (core time 11:00 to 15:00, 60 minutes break)

  • Attendance at the office or remote work based on company decision

  • Business trips may be required

● Holidays and Leave

  • Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and other days designated by the company

  • Leave: Paid leave - 12 days in the first year (5 days granted upon joining, additional 7 days granted after 6 months)

(Control Engineer) You will be responsible for process design (efficient production process content) in the startup of battery factories (domestic and overseas), equipment control design based on it, and the design and startup of MES and traceability systems.

(Mechanical Engineer) You will be responsible for process design (external body of efficient production process) in the startup of battery factories (domestic and overseas), factory and equipment mechanical design based on it, formulation of mass production conditions, and startup.

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